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Jan. 3rd, 2015 01:01 pm
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(( The following is an OOC post ))

So, just HOW THE HELL am I playing Campbell? Am I obnoxiously annoying enough? Am I flirty enough? Not flirty enough? Is he making you want to punch him yet because he's really annoying and actually unhelpful?

Whatever is is, you can discuss it here. Comments are screened, and I believe anonymous comments are on? Ugh, I'm never sure abotu that.

But, please, do tell me your opinion about me playing this guy. It means A LOT.
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(( The Following is an OOC post ))

Behind the cut, is the Permission List for Dirty Vegas shenanigans. Please, do read this to know what I'm OK with. I mean, even though the list of things that irk me is very small, I have limitations! I might edit this constantly, to include more things.

Oh you perv! )
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(( The Following is an OOC Post ))

So, you want to know more about Roy baby? You came to the right place! This profile is fairly short, but it can give you an idea of who you ar dealing with (aka a total moron).

Name: Roy Campbell
Fandom: Metal Gear Solid
History link: http://metalgear.wikia.com/wiki/Roy_Campbell (his background is pretty well covered in this link, but if you need more info I can provide it)
Age: 20-something
Canon point: Post Portable Ops (aka post the San Hieronymo Takeover)


Campbell is a soldier and, as one, is a pretty determined individual. Just when things look way too hopeless, he decides it's time to call it quits. For instance, when Big Boss finds him on San Hieronymo, after the demise of his unit and locked in a cell, Roy is in pretty low spirits, to the point where he tells BB to leave him behind, because he thinks he'll only be a hindrance. Bottom line, he's going to get unmotivated if all odds are against him (like any other common human being). When things aren't going down the drain though, Roy can and will be as helpful as he can, trying his best to provide info to his allies, and devising strategies for more effective operations. When BB is out there fighting against Gene and his guerrilla, Roy is always backing him up via radio, giving him info about where to find important items and how to defeat Gene's underlings more effectively. All of that by getting info from the soldiers both him and BB gathered from Gene's own army.

Out of the battlefield, Roy is a pretty laid back person, who actually tries to avoid conflicts, even if they seem to follow him whenever he goes. He enjoys the good things in life, like expensive food, mahogany furniture and tailored clothes. Although, he doesn't behave like some snobby, rich guy. Instead, he praises his friends a lot, and even if he doesn't make it very clear, it's quite obvious that he's more than happy when others are loyal and sincere to him, even if he himself doesn't always tell the truth. But, every time he lies, in the canon, is to protect the people he care for, or to not make things more complicated for others. In short, he cares about others a lot, to the point where he's willing to act like a tool to keep them safe.

It must not be forgotten that Roy is, in fact, a TOTAL FLIRT. He will chase anything in a skirt, and he's far from shy when it comes to dropping pickup lines. Although this behavior puts him in a pretty delicate situation with his brother, when he has an affair with his brother's wife and she ends up getting pregnant. It's never stated if his brother ever found out about it or not, but it's pretty clear that Roy tones down his flirty ways after that. Although, I'm picking him from a point in canon before this incident happens, so he's still all frisky.


One of the abilities Roy has, that is stated on the MGS database, aside from the basic stuff all soldiers know how to do, is that he was trained to be pretty good at convincing people by just talking to them and using the right words. He's pretty savvy when it comes to manipulative abilities, and that was probably the reason why Gene wasn't able to turn him to his side, like he did with some of the soldiers in Roy's group.

Aside from that, Campbell has no other special abilities. He's just a plain, common human. Maybe a little bit too plain, when you consider the MGS canon...


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